Has Jermaine Jones Been Kicked Off ‘American Idol’?

Has American Idol’s “Gentle Giant” of Season 11 already been given the boot by producers? Find out the breaking news after the jump.

According to a report by TMZ yesterday evening, Jermaine Jones was recently found withholding criminal charges from his past that were not previously made known to Idol executives. Jones was allegedly arrested twice in his past, and was said to have used a false name during those arrests to evade such circumstances like an Idol background check. Based on the rules of American Idol, a contestant must disclose any past criminal activity before the producers can allow them to compete on the show. Season Four Runner-Up, Bo Bice even had a criminal record, having been arrested in the past for cocaine and marijuana possession. The difference between Bo Bice and Jermaine Jones was that one was honest and up-front about his criminal past while the other blatantly withheld such pertinent information. This is one of two stories that have been released where Jones is caught either lying or falsifying information to supposedly better his image in voter’s minds.

The second story surrounding Jermaine Jones was one concerning his father, and how Jermaine gave a sob story to Idol producers stating that his father had reached out to him for the first time in years in the hopes of prospering from Jones’ new-found celebrity status. His father, Kevin Jones, gave a response to TMZ denying Jones’ allegations, saying he was a regular presence in his son’s life. This conflicting “woe-is-me” tale raised eyebrows for Idol producers, prompting them to investigate Jones further, and led to the discovery of his hidden criminal past. TMZ is also reporting that Wednesday’s behind-the-scenes Idol footage will reveal producers confronting Jones on camera about his cover-ups. What this means for the Idol voting process this week, or if anyone besides Jermaine Jones will go home, has yet to be announced.

Jermaine Jones himself confirmed his exit on his Twitter account with a tweet that was deleted but then recovered by media outlets, stating: “Awww I will no longer b on the show.” If Jermaine has indeed been booted off Idol, it will be the second time in Idol history that a contestant competing in the final rounds has been eliminated by the show for failing to disclose past criminal information. The first boot like this occurred in Season Two with contestant Corey Clark, who told reporters a few years later that his ouster was due to a Paula Abdul affair coverup.

Regardless of what happens on tonight’s show, one thing is for sure: the ratings for the season may be at an all time high due to the controversy surrounding Jermaine Jones. Tune in to American Idol tonight to find out what Jermaine’s fate will be.