ACCA 2002 Now Open!

Awards Circuit Community Awards Voting Station is now Open!  We are diving back in time to revisit films and performances that might have deserved more recognition than previously thought.  The next year in question is 2002, the year Rob Marshall’s “Chicago” triumphed at the Oscars over Stephen Daldry’s “The Hours” and Roman Polanski’s “The Pianist.”  Do you feel the same way now?  or do you feel something entirely different should have been in serious consideration?  The great thing about these votes, is YOU are the deciding factor.  Perhaps Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” is worthy of consideration or Alfonso Cuaron’s “Y Tu Mama Tambien.”  Go for it!

Here are some rules for the voting process of the longlists:

  • You can only vote ONE time per CATEGORY.  Make it count.
  • In every category, you can only choose FIVE contenders per category including a write-in for a film or performance that IS NOT LISTED.  The “BEST SCREENPLAY” category you can choose TEN contenders but the five highest receiving ORIGINAL and ADAPTED SCREENPLAY films will be named as nominees.  (In other words, choose five Original and five Adapted)
  • Any write-in’s for a film that is already listed WILL NOT count towards that film.
  • Voting will be open until Saturday, March 30, 2012 @ midnight.  Use this time to catch up on all the films.
  • The Staff will reveal their top ten films the following week after voting is closed and the nominees will be revealed. And of course, the Davis Award Nominees and Winners will be unveiled.

We are also welcoming FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION advertisements from YOU, the Reader!  Campaign for your favorite films from 2002 and get the ball rolling for a film or performance that went forgotten.  You can include them in the comment section as well as send them in where I will PLACE THE ADS ON THE SITE!  Get some fame in the process!

Looking forward to all the ads and all of your selections!  Go to the Voting Station HERE!

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