Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 3/25)

  • With Oscars 2012 officially a month behind us (*sobs*), The Awards Circuit has kept itself busy as usual, giving you readers the latest in film news, reviews, and early Oscar prognostication. This week was no exception. We began the week with a brand new episode of Awards Circuit Power Hour! Clayton, Anna, Joey, and Michael discussed the recent bout of March movie blues, some TV talk, and most importantly debated the Oscar potential of films already released (The Lorax, The Grey, etc.). Listen to the podcast episode if you haven’t gotten the chance already. It’s a doozy!

  • Three new movie reviews were posted this week: Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Goon, and The Hunger Games. The most prominent film in that roster also received the very first rare yet prestigious (****) Awards Circuit review of 2012. Do we have our first major Oscar contender at hand?
  • Trailers for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus hit The Awards Circuit. Did they hold you over until their imminent release, or did these trailers simply worsen your hunger for these sure-to-be epic films?
  • New Awards Profiles were doled out this week! I provided an in-depth look at two very different films under the Oscar bubble, Django Unchained and Brave. Robert Hamer dispensed awards speculation on his most anticipated film of 2012, Alfanso Cuarón’s Gravity. Finally, we welcome the return of the illustrious and refreshingly passionate, John H. Foote with his stunning portrait of how Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln could fare in the 2013 Oscar Race.
  • It was another great week for DVD releases! Senior Staff Writer Joey Magidson gave us his DVD Picks-of-the-Week, choosing David Fincher’s latest hit, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I’d probably be replaying that opening title sequence a hundred times before I even got around to the actual film. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! For his Vintage Pick, Mr. Magidson chose the one film I am ashamed to admit never seeing: The Shawshank Redemption. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I’ve probably been kidnapped by all those passionate film buffs out there who are appalled I’ve never seen this IMDB #1 Movie of All Time. I will most likely then be put in a room where a device will hold my eyelids back until I have seen The Shawshank Redemption through its entirety and then some, a la A Clockwork Orange. Better to save myself this trouble by just checking it out from the library ASAP!
  • TV Time! Anna Belickis returned as the world’s best recapper in all things Dancing With the Stars with her Week 1 Analysis. Anna also provided us with the weekly TV Ratings, where to nobody’s shock, American Idol was the number one rated program of the week. Speaking of the #1 Show in America, I advised the Top 10 contestants what songs to sing for Billy Joel week. For the second time this season someone took my advice, and whaddya know…THEY WERE SAFE! Thanks Colton! Finally, I commenced my review sessions this week for Idol’s performance night and Part 3 of The Voice Battle Rounds!
  • Joey announced the winners of the 18th Annual Chlotrudis Awards. I know our American Hero, Mr. Robert Hamer is grinning wide from cheek to cheek over A Separation’s Asghar Farhadi taking home the big prize for Best Director. Joey continued his flux of hot-topic articles by posing a great question to readers: “What’s the next movie you’re really excited for?” After sharing a pretty persuasive personal list, Mr. Magidson also tried to find out from our loyal readers what the best box office bombs are of all time? I’m going to throw out an obscure film that I love: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, anyone?
  • We had not one, but two breaking news stories of movie-title changes! Woody Allen’s new film’s title has been changed for the third time (I can’t promise you the fourth title change won’t be “Soon-Yi Previn-Barcelona”), and Tom Hardy must have used his Bane powers of intimidation persuasion to convince Terrence Malick to give his blessing for ‘Wettest County’s’ title to change to ‘Lawless,’ the same former-titled film of Malick’s upcoming project. I’m not really sure why a title that sounds like the next Jet Li movie is so important, but hey, these Hollywood types live in their own world, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
  • The week closed with the revival of ACCA! We are asking all readers to place your votes for the best in film of 2002; going back in time will never be more fun, I assure you! Readers have until March 30th to place your final votes in each category. We implore you to use this time to catch up on some classic movies from 2002. It’s like homework, except fun! As always, the readers make this site what is it today, and The Awards Circuit Staff is dying to see which performances and films stood out the most for everyone in this excellent year for movies! Again, thank you for continual readership and support!