James McAvoy to fall out of love with Jessica Chastain in ‘Rigby’


In a news cycle thas been plagues with remake news, it’s great when news of an interesting original project arrives, and starring two great actors at that. According to Variety, James McAvoy will team up with Jessica Chastain for companion films The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: His and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Hers. The films, written by Ned Benson, will chronicle a New York City couple’s relationship during a difficult time in their marriage from the perspectives of the restaurant-owner husband and of the wife, who goes back to college. Benson is expected to direct the double feature, with each film being a stand alone movie.

This sounds like a pretty interesting project with a great concept. Myriad executive producer Kirk D’Amico describes the film as “an alternate approach to content. New distribution models make it creatively possible for feature films to break out of the format of one 90-minute experience. We have to make both films work on their own, both for the buyers but also for the audiences. Together these films will describe a fully, more complete look at these characters and their lives.”

Shooting is set to start in July and the movie is being pre sold at Cannes this week