Has Gus Van Sant already shot his new film with Damon and Krasinski?

One of the more interesting projects out there to me has to be ‘Promised Land’, a supposedly Capra-esque drama that Matt Damon and John Krasinski wrote with Dave Eggers (and originally was going to mark Damon’s directorial debut). It’s got something to do with the controversial practice of fracking, and could be an awards player if done right. The director’s chair was filled by Gus Van Sant, and according to The Film Stage here, the movie has actually already been completed, and could even be coming out at some point in 2012. After the jump I’ll share the plot with you, but I’m very much looking forward to this one…

Here’s what the article says the plot is mostly about:

Specifically, “a backdrop” that gave them a chance to “magnify the country’s state”; as a whole, Promised Land is the story of a salesman (Damon) who, according to Krasinski, is “going through a change of his own and living in this current world and debating how he wanted to live in this current country.” Land‘s plot sees him and a land leaser (Frances McDormand) travel to McKinley, a fictional Midwestern town filled with both “experiences remind him of his own upbringing and background” and, unfortunately, denizens who don’t take kindly to their business proposal.
On the other side of the societal coin would, mainly, be Krasinki‘s environmentalist, along with two teachers: a retired one, played by Hal Holbrook, and Rosemarie DeWitt‘s currently-employed elementary school instructor. They act as Promised Land‘s backbone by, in the man’s own words, “protecting […] a community and a lifestyle that they believe very, very strongly in”; when that’s all laid out, we can start to see pretty obvious connections to a central theme of “how citizens are scrambling to find and cling to their American pride.” Those Frank Capra comparisons might not have been so crazy.

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