Who could star opposite Colin Firth in the remake of ‘The Intouchables’?

While I liked ‘The Intouchables’ when I saw it earlier this year (and reviewed it here), I easily saw rough edges that suggested a remake wasn’t the worst idea in the world. The combination of Paul Feig in the director’s chair and Colin Firth in the co-lead role of a rich quadriplegic is very promising, and now The New York Post is reporting here that the other leading part could come down to either Idris Elba, Jaime Foxx, or Chris Rock, with Jessica Chastain circling the female lead as well. After the jump you can see a plot summary from my original review, but this could be one to look forward to in the next year or so. It’s now going to be called ‘Untouchable’, but the story should still be the same, and you can see it below…

Here’s how I described the flick in my review a month or so ago here at the site:

The film is another in a long line of men with opposite lives helping each other out, but this one has the twist of not only being based on a true story, but involving a handicapped millionaire and his improbable aide from the wrong side of the tracks as well. The quadriplegic is Philippe (Cluzet), an aristocrat who longs more for his lost love than for the use of his limbs. He’s seeking a new caretaker to join the staff in his mansion and assist in his day to day living. Dozens of people apply for this presumably high paying job, but Philippe doesn’t seem interested in them. However, when Driss (Sy) comes in wanting to apply just to be eligible to receive government benefits, something catches Philippe’s eye and he hires Driss, a not quite reformed thief and troublemaker. Terribly unsuited for the gig initially, he requires quite a bit of help from the rest of the staff, including Yvonne (Anne Le Ny). What Driss has that Philippe admires, above his strength, is that he lacks pity, something he no longer wants foisted upon him. Soon enough, they become close and the relationship becomes more that of friends as opposed to caretaker and quadriplegic.

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