Comic-Con Panel: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

This was a panel I never thought I’d get into for a myriad of reasons. Sleeping in line for Hall H overnight wasn’t an option nor was fighting a twihard for a seat. But even with getting in line at 10 am for this 12:45 panel, there was plenty of time to find a decent seat and take in this unique Comic-Con experience of attending a Twilight panel. It was a very nostalgic affair with the cast sharing favorite memories, jokes and sadness that the show was coming to an end. The panel opened with the main trio of Kristen Stewart, Robert Ptattinson, and Taylor Lautner, as well as newcomer Mckenzie Foy and writer Stephanie Meyer being introduced. After sitting down on stage, the moderator, Eric Morro of, introduced a video clip from Bill Condon who told the estatic audience that we would be seeing the first 7 minutes of the next film.

The footage that was shown basically takes place right after the last film ended with Bella opening her eyes as a newborn vampire. The majority of the following footage showed off Bella’s newly acquired vampire powers like super strength and better eye sight. One of the funnier moments was when she hugged Edward so hard he remarked “Now it’s your turn not to break me.” The footage also showed some pretty fun scenes of Bella and Edward running harmlessly through the woods, until she gets wind of a human on the side of a cliff face. She initially gives chase but once Edward reminds her of their decision to only feed on animals, Bella jumps off of the wall (an awesome shot) and ends up tackling a mountain lion to feed. At the end of the clip, there was a really sweet scene with Bella and Jake seeing each other for the first time post transition with her remarking that he really does stink and Jacob not divulging that he imprinted on her daughter.

After the crowd went wild, the full cast answered questions about what it was like to be done with the series and what their memories were. Kristen Stewart remarked that she enjoyed being able to break in vampire Bella and that having to wait to become a vampire made it the more sweeter. Taylor Lautner was thrilled that after 4 films of trying to get the girl he now doesn’t have that wait and he enjoyed getting to play a lighter, happier side of Jacob. After a few more nostalgic quips, Morro brought out the rest of the cast for a Q&A session that was the highlight of the panel. When asked about what villain costumes they would wear to Comic-Con, Stewart said the Evil QUeen from Snow White and the Huntsman while Pattinson chose General Zod. Someone asked Pattinson what kind of advice Edward from Breaking Dawn would give Edward from Twilight. Pattinson’s reply: Keep it in your pants.

Considering how female-skewing the Twilight phenomenon is the highlight of the Q&A was a male attendee asking to have a bro moment with Taylor Lautner and praising the star for inspiring him to lose 50 lbs. Lautner took it in stride and complimented the attendee on his weight loss, as well as saying that he keeps in such good shape by playing sports.

At the end of the panel, they brought out the entire cast of vampire covens that would appear in the next movie and ended it with a sneak peak of The Host.