Comic-Con previews new trailers in Trailer Park!

Comic-Con has been a great resource for those who want to see advanced previews from the tv shows and movies they’re interested in. Knowing this, the programmers have put several “Trailer Parks” in between and in front of some of the highly anticipated panels. Today they screened the following: Dredd 3D, Finding Nemo 3D, Despicable Me 2, Hotel Transylvania, Resident Evil: Retribution, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and Rise of the Guardians. Of these trailers ,Dredd 3D played to the most cheers from the crowd and given the advanced word from the screening yesterday it should play well once it’s released. I’ve posted most of the trailers after the jump so take a gander!

Dredd 3D

Finding Nemo 3D

Hotel Transylvania

Rise of the Guardians

Resident Evil: Retribution