More Galas and Special Presentations still to be announced at TIFF


Like many of the readers I was surprised by the large numbers of Gala Presentations and Special Presentations announced early for this years Toronto International Film Festival, just as I was that some titles I had hoped would be announced…were not.

I spoke with the Press Office today and they confirmed that there are still titles, Galas and Special Presentations to be announced as well as the entire Masters Series.

This means that films such as The Master, Killing Them Softly, Lincoln, The Great Gatsby, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, or Les Miserables are all still distinct possibilities at TIFF. All of them with the exception of Lincoln are directed by filmmakers who have been here before, and with great success. The studios use TIFF as their Oscar launching ground quite often, so it makes perfect sense that so many Oscar contenders (we predict) could potentially land at TIFF. The Galas are of course the red carpet events held in the beautiful Roy Thomson Hall, but many of the Special Presentations get the full Gala treatment in a smaller venue making them no less important. The Masters Series focuses on the international work of established directors, which means any one of the aforementioned films could land in that programme as well, though I think each of them is better suited to Gala or Special Presentation.
So as I have said, do not panic that a film you are interested in or waiting for has not yet been announced. There are many announcements, big ones, still to come. Historically, the programmers always leave a couple of huge announcements until the very end.

How cool would it be if TIFF landed the premiere of Lincoln???? Or Les Miserables??? Or to have a return visit from Kathryn Bigelow, last here with The Hurt Locker (2009)??