Shia LaBeouf is in talks to co-star in ‘Nymphomaniac’


When it comes to Lars von Trier and his movies, it’s wise to just expect the unexpected from him. He’s constantly doing unique thing, and The Hollywood Reporter says here that one of his oddest decisions could be just around the corner. He might be casting Shia LaBeouf in his next film, the erotic drama ‘Nymphomaniac’. The flick is certainly a far cry from the ‘Transformers’ franchise, so for LaBeouf this is a nice career move. After the jump you can see some more about the film, but stay tuned for the official word on this juicy story. More can be found below…

Here’s a quick refresher on the movie:

Nymphomaniac follows the erotic adventures of a woman (Gainsbourg) from her youth to age 50, as recounted to her husband (Stellan Skarsgard). It’s not clear how big LaBeouf’s role would be.

Von Trier is splitting the English-language project into two films and will shoot a softer and more explicit version of each. No domestic distributor is aboard, but rights have been sold off in numerous foreign markets.

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