Looper Premieres at TIFF – Positive Reviews Pour In

Well we’ll file this under unexpected.  Rian Johnson’s Looper is getting outstanding first words out of the Toronto Film Festival where its premiering.  Do we have a cool sci-fi contender?  or is this just going to cool popcorn fun?  You be the judge.  Here are the first early things being said.  More to be added.  The film is also sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with 10 reviews.  Awesome!

Jim Vejvoda of IGN says:

Looper is one of the year’s most engaging sci-fi films, one that works as both a thriller and a character piece about people faced with making big life decisions (often at the business end of Blunderbuss). It could have all been insanely gimmicky, but Looper is instead tastefully executed.

Erik Childress tweets:

Amending previous statement. INCEPTION is the best sci-fi film since MINORITY REPORT. LOOPER is best sci-fi film since INCEPTION.#tiff12