Circuit 3: Movie Monsters

As you’ve seen in other posts, The Awards Circuit is getting in the spirit of Halloween by dedicating many of our series to horror movies, and so for the month of October, Circuit 3 will take part by ranking certain aspects from the genre. We are going to start with listing our three favorite/best movie Monsters in light of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, that’s opening on Friday. Following that we will rank Aliens, Serial Killers, and Horror Movie Scores/Themes. Now, you might ask “what is the difference between a monster and an alien?” I’ll be happy to alleviate any confusion you might have on this before we start.

A monster (by my definition) would be a being with origins tied to our planet, whether constructed by man (think: Frankenstein’s Monster) or evolved over time due to supernatural causes or otherwise (think: Dracula). Whereas an alien would be something extraterrestrial, with ties to any other planet, moon, or system in our universe (think: the creatures in Alien). So in short, monsters are from Earth, aliens are from any other place. Aside from that there can be several similarities. While not in all cases, both usually create shock and strike fear in the heart of man, and have a sole purpose to kill or maim. So keeping things on the subject of horror, let’s go with the scary, murderous types of Monsters for these lists.

My Circuit 3 for Best Movie Monsters:

  1. Frankenstein’s Monster played by Boris Karloff in Frankenstein (1931)
  2. Graf Orlock/Nosferatu played by Max Schreck in Nosferatu (1922)
  3. The Shark in Jaws (1975)