Oscar Question of the Day – Can you reward the voice?

With Seth MacFarlane recently awarded the prestigious gig of hosting the Oscars in February 2013, he becomes one of, if not, the first person to host the Oscars that got his start primarily in voice-over work.  MacFarlane voices Brian, Stewie, Quagmire, and Peter Griffin on FOX’s hit-show “Family Guy,” where he’s won an Emmy Award in the show’s near thirteen year run.

The Oscars, unbeknownst to many,  have a strict rule about nominating voice-work in films.  Today’s question asks which voice-over performance by an actor or actress would you reward with either an Academy Award Nomination or Win?

Technically the Academy has always considered Andy Serkis‘ work in The Lord of the Rings ineligible and while I wouldn’t necessarily name him as a voice-over actor, this question would give an opportunity to award him when he should have been among the nominated for his work especially in The Two Towers.

If we move to animated works, I’ve always been very taken by Ellen Degeneres‘ glorious and loving “Dory” in Pixar’s Finding Nemo (2004).  Degeneres raised the voice profession to new levels and encompassed a talent not seen since Robin Williams in Aladdin (1992).  Speaking of Williams, his work in Aladdin is also among a very élite few that’s worthy of citation as well.  Williams’ work could have easily replaced Oscar-winner Gene Hackman for Unforgiven or Al Pacino in Glengarry Glen Ross.

I leave it to you now.  Comment and discuss!