“Did You Know?” Horror Edition, Episode One: All in the Family

Hello, faithful readers! As you might have noticed recently, things have been getting a bit terrifying around these parts. No need for alarm — it’s just our monthly series, 31 Days of Horror, that’s had all of you wondering if we’re certifiable for the looney bin. Much like Joey Magidson’s Horror DVD Pick-of-the-Week and Anna Belickis’ Women in Horror, I too will be contributing a weekly column in honor of the month in which our flesh is vulnerable to more than just those damn ultraviolet rays. The popular podcast segment “Did You Know?” will now extend to all horror-based trivia throughout the month of October. Find out what this week’s DID YOU KNOW? is after the jump…

A family this cheery has to have some darker secret…right?!

Surprisingly, horror is a genre which promotes the importance of a tight-knit family. From the Voorhees to the Bates, one can argue that it’s the preservation of familial bonds that drives many of horror’s most iconic villains to commit gruesome murder. As you are all aware of, Hollywood’s most beloved horror family seems to be the mother-daughter Scream Queens, Janet Leigh (Psycho) and Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween franchise). The two even starred opposite one another in John Carpenter’s The Fog, much to the enticement of horror fanboys everywhere. What most people aren’t aware of is that their immediate relatives, Tony Curtis (Janet’s husband) and Kelly Curtis (Jamie’s sister), also dipped their feet in blood by starring in two major horror films of their own. Tony Curtis starred in 1978’s The Manitou, a horror film about an evil Native American spirit that is re-born from a lump on a woman’s back. If you consider Curtis’ rarely mentioned film, Brainwaves, more “horror” than “sci-fi,” then that flick counts as well. Kelly Curtis’ scream to fame was 1991’s The Devil’s Daughter (La Setta is its original Italian title), which tells the tale of a school teacher who takes in an elderly gentleman after nearly striking him with her car. The man actually turns out to be a devil worshiper who is planning on using her womb as the vessel for Satan’s child.

Between this fearsome foursome combo, you have the highest number of horror film roles under one familial roof (Seventeen in total, to be exact — Jamie has 9, Janet has 5, Tony has 2, and Kelly has 1). Is it something in the genes that makes this family of Hollywood royalty so inclined for the creepy, gruesome, and seemingly unnatural? In the end, their taste for sick and freaky is our horror-ific gain!

Here are the trailers for The Manitou, Brainwaves and The Devil’s Daughter/La Setta:


And that’s a wrap for this week’s DID YOU KNOW?: HORROR EDITION. See you on the other side…hopefully.