Dancing with the Stars All-Stars: Week 3

It’s week 3 of Dancing with the Stars and the pressure is on. With a double elimination Tuesday night, the stars felt the pressure to recreate an iconic dance of their choosing from a previous season. The goal was to create their own unique spin of the routines and wow the judges with their all-star dance moves. But that wasn’t the only excitement of the night. Two secrets were revealed Monday night about next week’s competition. First, singer and dancer Paula Abdul will be joining the judges Monday night. Next, Tuesday night the stars will choose each other’s styles to perform next Monday. Some of the styles have been performed, while others haven’t. Should be an exciting night, but for now let’s focus on this week’s dancing. Let’s review.

Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani: TV host Melissa Rycroft decided to recreate the Samba performed by J.R. Martinez in season 13. Rycroft didn’t really have a vision going into the dance, she had a goal. And that goal was to push the bar is far as she could. She incorporated a lot of difficult moves into the Samba and really impressed the judges. I honestly thought that she and Tony were amazing in hold, but when they did their ticks it seemed messy and it came off as though they were uncomfortable. I liked the Samba aspect to the dance but I think the tricks didn’t work too well. Rycroft scored 27 points.

Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy: Soap star Kelly Monaco decided to pin Val against his brother Maks recreating his Paso Doble from season 4. Monaco was very focused on bringing the spirit of the Paso Doble to life by beginning the dance with a cape being drawn over her across the stage. Monday night she reminded us why she won season 1. Her movements in the Paso were so sharp and amazing. It was such a terrific dance filled with so much focus. I thought Monaco would be someone that would be going home soon, but I was proved wrong tonight. Monaco scored 27 points.

Shawn Johnson & Derek Hough: Shawn Johnson’s goal was to celebrate an amazing quick step performed by Helio Castroneves in Season 5. This week Johnson took a risk and actually showed us something we’ve never seen before. They incorporated so many tricks into this quick step that it was simply amazing and by far the best dance I’ve seen on Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately, they broke the rules of the quick step which cost them a few points, but who cares, they just created their own iconic dance. Johnson scored 26.5 points.

Sabrina Bryan & Louis Van Amstel: In season 5 when Sabrina got kicked off early in the season, Mel B dedicated her Paso Doble to Sabrina. Bryan felt it was only right to recreate the dance known for being an iconic dance in Dancing with the Stars history. I thought it was a great Paso Doble, and I thought the technique was amazing, but I felt like I was watching that same exact dance all over again with absolutely no creative input. I think Bryan is a talented dancer, but it would have been nice to see her push the boundaries and really do the dance justice instead of keeping the choreography the same and playing it safe. Bryan scored 25.5 points.

Helio Castroneves & Chelsie Hightower: Race car driver Helio Castroneves chose to recreate Apolo Ohno’s quickstep from season 4. Ohno’s dance scored 10’s in his season, but Castroneves version didn’t even come close to perfect. They were out of sync a few times and Castroneves messed up by slipping on his partners dress. I honestly didn’t like the dance. I love Castroneves joy when it comes to dancing, but I don’t think this dance will help him with this double elimination. Despite a mistake, Castroneves scored 25.5 points.

Apolo Anton Ohno & Karina Smirnoff: Skater Apolo Ohno recreated the Foxtrot done by Gilles Marini in Season 8. His vision was to show a sexy side to him and to have Karina be a statue that comes to life. I thought this dance is the best he’s done so far this season. He was so fluid and precise. It’s cute that he thinks he can be sexy like Gilles, but nobody can be sexy like Gilles. Even though Gilles Foxtrot was way better, it was still a terrific dance. Ohno scored 25.5 points.

Gilles Marini & Peta Murgatroyd: Actor Gilles Marini recreated the Tango from Season 10 performed by Erin Andrews. Marini’s vision was to make the Tango a dream sequence, so he had himself suspended above the ballroom and landed back on the floor to begin the dance. His Tango was so sexy and sensual. I love that he acts as the dominant partner and completely controls the dance. Unfortunately, Marini lost his footing and the dance was out of sync at moments because it was so aggressive. But despite all that, it was a great dance. Marini scored 25.5 points.

Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke: Emmitt Smith redeemed himself after last week, recreating Mario Lopez’s Paso Doble from season 3. Smith wanted an old dessert theme in his Paso which included a donkey and some people acting drunk. I thought his Paso was really good, but I am so turned off by him after last week. I feel like he thinks he deserves to win and I don’t think he’s being a good competitor. Like I said, I thought his Paso was really good, but it wasn’t great. Smith scored 25 points.

Drew Lachey & Anna Trebunskaya: Lachey chose to recreate a Cha Cha from season 1. Lachey’s vision was all about making his performance like a concert. His technique is the best it’s been, but I was just bored during the dance. I don’t think there’s anything unique about him and I think he’s cocky and will be going home soon. Lachey scored 24 points.

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Kirstie Alley’s goal this week was all about having fun. She chose to recreate Caron Kressley’s Cha Cha from season 13. Alley’s vision was all about fun and entertaining the audience and that’s exactly what she did. She reminded everybody what this show is all about; fun and entertainment. Alley scored 24 points.

Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas: So because the playback was too busy showing us what people fighting looks like, I don’t know what dance Palin was trying to recreate this week. I loved her direction though; dressing as a king and queen and dancing within a chessboard. I thought the concept was neat and mixed with that odd song it all sort of worked. This Paso is Palin’s best dance so far. She danced a unique Paso Doble and I was extremely impressed with it. Palin scored 22.5 points.

With a double elimination Tuesday night it’s hard to predict the two stars that will be going home. I could go with the obvious choice and predict Bristol Palin will be heading home, but this week I’m not going to do that. It’s double elimination and nobody knows what’s going to happen so I’m going to go out on a ledge with my predictions. I think Emmitt Smith and Drew Lachey will be the next two stars going home. I think both of them have really bad attitudes about this season’s dancing and there dances haven’t been very good.

Who do you think will be the two stars going home Tuesday night?

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