Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 24: Lincoln, Argo, Flight, and the Oscar Race for Best Actor


This week’s Power Hour focuses on the large amount of news, premieres, and other awards worthy citations from the week.

  • We spend a good amount of time on “Trailer Talk”
    • Gangster Squad got a new trailer.  Is Penn fit for the role?  Does Emma Stone fit right with the time frame?  Could it be an awards player for Oscar 2014?
    • Zero Dark Thirty released a full-length trailer.  Could Jessica Chastain find herself in the middle of a Lead Actress race?  Is it popcorn or Oscar?
    • Second trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained raised some eyebrows, particularly for Leonardo DiCaprio.  Is it finally his year to win?  Kerry Washington was shown a lot more than previously thought, is there a Supporting Actress spot for her?  Jamie Foxx is distracting in the trailer, what lead would you have liked to see?
    • Hitchcock got its first look showcasing prosthetics for Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins.  Is the move for Fox Searchlight’s late entry a good one?
  • NYFF and some of the gems we saw during the week:
    • We talk the first set of eyes that saw Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.  Can it win Best Picture?  Is Daniel-Day Lewis joining Meryl Streep in the 3 Oscar club?
    • John Hawkes and Helen Hunt impressed the pants off some of the staff in The Sessions.  How can Fox Searchlight run their campaign with Hitchcock in the arsenal?
    • Ben Affleck’s Argo opened up to stellar reviews.  Terence has some small qualms and I find it hard to see in any acting categories.  Is Best Picture and Director in the cards?
    • Robert Zemeckis’ Flight closed the New York Film Festival to outstanding reviews for the film and lead Denzel Washington.  Is he a fourth “lock” in the Best Actor race?
  • Speaking of Lead Actor, we talk about the near 20 viable contenders that are fighting for five spots.  Joseph Braverman makes a gutsy call thinking of a certain “lock” might miss out when nominations are announced.  Guess who?