The Blu Circuit


‘Moonrise Kingdom’ is hitting Blu-Ray shelves in time for Oscar…

Since film aficionados are always looking for something to watch, we decided to round up some Blu-ray and DVD releases for you to seek out. Some of these titles are already out, some will be out soon – the one thing that can be said for sure is that this is quite the eclectic bunch. 

The Brothers McMullen – Signature Series

Blu-ray Release Date: March 6

Edward Burns’ directorial debut seems to have been lost to time, but it’s a decent little charmer. The film is definitely somewhat of an indie cliché – it’s a “guys sit around talking about life and women” movie, after all – but the cast and writing sell it well.

She’s the One – Signature Series

Blu-ray Release Date: March 6

Part of the reason as to why the above film has sunk into obscurity is probably because Edward Burns never quite hit that same sweet spot again, as exemplified by his sophomore effort She’s the One (which also features Jennifer Anniston in one of her first roles). Oh, well. I’ve always liked Burns and would love to see him make another solid film. Also, isn’t it crazy that ‘90s movies can now be considered period films?

Hoffa – Signature Series

Blu-ray Release Date: September 18

Despite the fact that he’s not exactly known for his work behind the camera, Danny DeVito’s films as a director manage to stick with you. His movies have a definite visual sheen and technical polish to them that are always engaging. Anyway, while Hoffa doesn’t quite connect as a film, it’s interesting to see Jack Nicholson’s take on the legendary union organizer.

Strawberry Shortcake: Jammin’ With Cherry Jam

DVD Release Date: September 11

An animated film from the mind of Stephen King. Just kidding.

Battlefield America

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: September 18

This is a dance-battle movie involving angry street youths. Side note: it’s very sad to know that most of us will probably never be involved in a dance battle.


Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: September 18

Read this synopsis and tell me that you aren’t picturing Jean Claude Van Damme doing a split-kick right now:  Sidelined by an injury incurred while protecting his young brother, underground fighter Charlie Fontaine feels betrayed when he discovers his brother having sex with his new wife, Kat. Fueled by rage, a determined Charlie makes plans to get back in the ring and take on his brother in a fight to the death.

The Do-Deca Penthalon

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: September 18

Like it or love it, “mumblecore” is here to stay…mostly because these types of films are easy to make from a financial standpoint, but also because they’ve amassed a sizeable cult following. At any rate, the Duplass Brothers can arguably be seen as the pioneers behind the current iteration of this movement, and here’s another one to add to their body of work (although they only served as writers this time).

People Like Us

Blu-ray/ DVD Release Date: October 2

A very likeable cast and some deft dialogue help us see past the unrealistic nature of this film. Still, it’s a sweet little story and definitely worth a look. Click here to read about our People Like Us DVD Contest.

The Hole

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: October 2

With recent films like Super 8 and Monster House, it seems as if many filmmakers are constantly chasing the Amblin films of the 1980s – i.e. high-concept family adventures involving supernatural or fantastical elements. Director Joe Dante is no stranger to this brand of “horror-lite” himself, seeing as he helmed Gremlins for Steven Spielberg in 1984. While The Hole is not quite as memorable as those other titles, it just plain feels good to see Dante making a film like this again. Seek it out if you’re a fan of The Gate or The Monster Squad.

Sound of My Voice

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: October 2

If you ask me, they don’t make enough movies about filmmaker couples investigating cults that are headed by beautiful women who claim to be from the future. Here is what our own Joey Magidson had to say about this one.

Rock of Ages

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: October 9

This musical should’ve worked, at least on a “fun and campy” level, but it is unfortunately sunk by its rote storyline and uncharismatic leads. However, Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, and Russell Brand make it worth sitting through at least one viewing. Plus, you can always sing along with all the awesome ‘80s hair band anthems and rock ballads that are strewn throughout the film. Oh, and Tom Cruise’s character hangs out with a clothes-wearing baboon. So there’s that. Here is our reviewer John H. Foote’s take on the film.

The Raven

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: October 9

While V for Vendetta showed a lot of promise, director James McTeigue never quite found his stride since then, and thus The Raven can unfortunately be chalked up as another misfire. John Cusack was wildly miscast, and that along with the by-the-numbers whodunit story torpedoed this one. However, the film does boast a rich color palette and lovely period design.

Moonrise Kingdom

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: October 16

If you hate the films of Wes Anderson (Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox), then Moonrise Kingdom will not convert you.  The eccentric characters, storybook-like production design, obscure music, quirky dialogue, and soul-searching emotion are all present and accounted for. On the other hand, if you love Wes Anderson movies, then here’s another good one to add to his pile of good ones. For my money, it’s one of the best of the year. For a different take, here is what our reviewer Joey Magidson had to say.

Chernobyl Diaries

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: October 16

Here’s another shaky-cam horror film. You gotta love trends.

Gabe the Cupid Dog

DVD Release Date: October 23

Unfortunately, this is not a shaky-cam horror movie.

Red Dog

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: November 6

A Lassie clone starring Josh Lucas. You know, for families.

Now that we’ve presented you with such a wide sampling of movie choices, what will you be watching this week?