31 Days of Horror: Terrible Tuesday Way to Die (Final Destination Franchise)


It seems that the franchise route is the one that’s most popular for this weekly part of 31 Days of Horror, so far be it from me to deviate from a well liked plan. This time around at The Awards Circuit I’m going with the ‘Final Destination’ franchise, or the ‘Final Destination’ pentalogy if you will. They are a group of 5 decent to subpar films that happen to contain some often spectacular deaths, notably the opening disaster sequences. I’ll be bringing those to you after the jump, and again…consider this very Not Safe For Work. These are a bit sillier than usual, but still rather gory, so take note of that. Enjoy the carnage below from each film in the ‘Final Destination’ franchise, all in one place this time for your convienence.

Final Destination 1-5

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