Golden Globe, SAG Predictions Updated w/ Staff Oscar Picks and New Writers!

This week saw the official Oscar Predictions getting an update.  Looking at the Best Actor race and trying to sort nearly twenty contenders into five slots is going to upset a lot of people.  Touch on much of this in this week’s Oscar Circuit but given the strong case for many leading men who have never been nominated (Hugh Jackman, Richard Gere, Bradley Cooper, Jack Black), it looks like someone’s going to get left off in a field that’s tighter than ever.

The Awards Circuit Staff Writers have updated their own predictions, which is now located under the “Oscar Predictions” tab in the menu.  Check out what they’re thinking about the current state of the race.  Did Joaquin Phoenix’s recent rant cost him the Oscar for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master?  Is Jennifer Lawrence the real favorite to win Best Actress?  Is Leonardo DiCaprio getting his long overdue Academy Award in a Quentin Tarantino film?  Is there any competition for Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables?

Along with the staff updates, I’ve taken a stab at the Golden Globe Award Predictions as well as the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  On an outlet dedicated to award shows, its never too early to see how the awards season could play out.

New Staff Writers – Nicole Melkonian (L), Joey Ernand (C), Tiff Chai (R)

In addition, not sure if you noticed some of their articles but the Awards Circuit has added three new, talented staff writers to our already impressive roster:

Tiff Chai, a resident of Burbank, California and attended the University of California at Riverside and The Art Institute of California.  Tiff will be taking positive and in-depth looks into Asian and European cinema that often gets overlooked as well as general foreign films.

JD Ernand, originally from Miami, Florida and now resides in North Hollywood, California, JD brings a love for cinema that will translate into Blu-Ray and DVD recommendations as well as celebrity profiles and film reviews.

Last but certainly not least, Nicole Melkonian, the spunky graduate of University of California Los Angeles brings a strong background in English Literature as well as a firm opinion of women’s roles in Hollywood.  She will be assisting with Weekend Openings and Women in Cinema.

We welcome our new staff members.

Comment and discuss on the Golden Globe, SAG, and Staff Predictions and make sure to welcome our new writers too!