China’s Answer to Scorsese

At the Singapore Gala

A loose cross between Sherlock Holmes (2009) and Marvel’s The Avengers (2012), the Chinese film, The Four (2012), marks the beginning of an amazing era of filmmaking for Asia. Bringing together the traditional Eastern fighting styles with the advancing technology in visual effects, it is believed that international films can, finally, compete with those made in Hollywood. One of the filmmakers in the forefront of bringing this about is none other than Gordon Chan (Ka-Seung), the producer, writer and director of The Four.
Known for his long list of action movies, dating back to 1985, Chan has consistently created and developed interesting characters whose fighting skills and complex personalities have captured the attention and respect of many younger filmmakers. In interviews, Chan is passionate about his projects and seeks to push the limits of his actors. Having worked with legends like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Andy Lau, Chan has worked in collaboration with American filmmakers and actors since 1995.
Unlike other filmmakers in China, in most of Chan’s movies, women aren’t weak, but brave fighters. Unafraid to fight the conventional ideas that usually bind Chinese women to the submissive roles, Chan brings out strong women characters to fight and rescue as well as, sometimes even better than, the male characters. A very visual storyteller with a wide range of creativity, Chan incorporates comedy in his movies and relishes the opportunity to prove his abilities as a filmmaker by creating action, dramas, comedies, and thrillers. He is, by no means, a force to be overlooked and thus, thought of as an Asian Scorsese.