Box Office (10.28.12)

The ever-changing box office never ceases to amaze as movies are released around the holidays. The first noticeable difference earlier this week was Taken 2 (Fox Studios) falling off its number 1 spot on the international charts and, mostly, being replaced by Paranormal Activity 4 (Paramount Studios), but that only lasted a couple days before Taken 2 climbed back up to the top of several charts.

This week, in the American box offices, many watched Argo (Warner Bros Studios) and Paranormal 4 battle it out the top spot until Paranormal Activity 4 gained a $10 million dollar lead in the race. Taken 2 fell to the #3 spot as Hotel Transylvania (Sony Studios) the #4 spot. Alex Cross (Summit Entertainment) slides into 5th, Sinister (Summit Entertainment) down to 6th, and nothing too new for the rest of the top ten.

This weekend, Argo claims first, grossing a couple million more than the rest. Cloud Atlas (Warner Bros Studios) holds the #3 spot and Paranormal Activity 4 the 4th spot. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (Open Road Films) falls ties with Taken 2 but takes #5 because many expect it to climb higher than Taken 2 by the final count. Fun Size (Paramount Studios) holds onto #10 but not many expect it to do much better than that. As Halloween gears up in the city, the views for the thrillers and horrors were expected to do much better than they are. Critics expect Cloud Atlas to climb higher with each passing day, grossing about $40 million by the end of a four-week period. As for Chasing Mavericks (Fox Studios), critics believe #13 is a good place for it to be, grossing near $13.5 million at the end of a four-week period, end card and everything.

New on the charts, and already creating a stir this week includes foreign films like Student of the Year (Eros Entertainment) and Holy Motors (Indomina Media), both unrated but making the a climb up the charts. Also, released just this weekend and doing well, includes The Other Son (Cohen Media Group) at #24, District of Corruption (Rocky Mountain Pictures) at #37, The Loneliest Planet (Independent Film Channel) at #39, and The Last Fall (Transparent/Outerstratosphere) at $46. Of the rest of the titles on the charts, a few continue to climb up as more fall.