Interview with ‘Paperman’ director, John Kahrs

Producer Christina Reed and Director John Kahrs at ‘Paperman’s’ L.A. Film Festival premiere. (Image Courtesy of Haley Hughes)

I normally transcribe my interviews, but there are certain instances when the passionate voice of the artist must be heard. This is one of those times. It was such a pleasure speaking with John Kahrs about Paperman, a short that pays homage to Disney past while reinforcing the technological advancements of the present.  Merging 2D and 3D animation, Paperman is a hybrid of styles executed to perfection. You are swept up by the romanticism of the film, but still take time to marvel at the beauty of its design and Kahr’s masterful direction. Paperman is eligible next year for the Academy Award® for “Best Animated Short Film.” A Disney short hasn’t won in more than ten years, 2001’s “For the Birds” being the last to walk home with the Oscar. Mark my words, Paperman is Disney’s best shot at winning since then, and is currently the front runner in the category for Oscars 2013. Since I saw it at the L.A. Film Festival this past June, I couldn’t shake it from my mind. I was extremely fortunate to get the opportunity to interview John Kahrs on behalf of The Awards Circuit during the Wreck-It Ralph press junket that was held a few weeks ago (Paperman is the short that precedes the film). Below, you will find the interview in audio format. Hearing Kahrs speak with such passion and emotion about his pet project is something undeniably worth sharing, I promise.