Box Office (11.04.12)

As ever-changing as the recent weather, during the week, Argo (WB) was in a clear lead on an every day basis nationally. Sitting on top of the weekday’s polls, even despite the release of Cloud Atlas (Warner Bros.) during the week and the weekend ride of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (ORF), Argo claimed the #1 spot on the charts during the weekdays. Cloud Atlas (WB) followed with Hotel Transylvania (Sony) at #3 and Paranormal Activity 4 (Par.) at #4. Outside of the top 10, The Master (Wein.) fell down to #20, followed by The Dark Knight Rises at #21. The Bourne Legacy (Uni.), currently #1 in China, fell down to #26 on American charts. The Other Son (Cohen), a new release, climbed up to #29, but many other movies fell as opposed to climbed higher on the charts. For the most part, thrillers and movies with Halloween themes are still doing quite well in theaters, despite being after Halloween.

During the weekend polls, due to the release of Wreck-It Ralph (BV) and Flight (Par.), Argo was pushed down to #3 and Taken 2 fell down to #6, behind the new release The Man With The Iron Fists (Uni.). Cloud Atlas fell down to #6 and, taking a huge tumble-down the charts, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D fell down to #10. Outside of the top 10, movies continued to fall. A Late Quartet (EOne), The Bay (RAtt.),  and The Details (RTWC) all managed to land within the top 40 despite being new releases. As for this weekend, even the holiday themed movies can’t compete the with popularity of Wreck-It Ralph and Flight.

Internationally, not much has changed. Despite the new releases, Taken 2, Hotel Transylvania, and Paranormal Activity 4 still sit on top in many countries. Many are surprised with the success of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (Sum.) having survived so long within the top 20, but many question whether or not Cloud Atlas will continue to captivate audiences. Many think the movie too advanced for its time, but others leave with a profound look on life that the movie helps them realize never having seen before. For the most part, it would seem as though, people are waiting for Christmas movies to come out.

#TitleStudioWknd Gross
1Wreck-It RalphBuena Vista$49,100,000
3ArgoWarner Bros.$10,245,000
4The Man With The Iron FistsUniversal$8,219,000
5Taken 2Fox$6,000,000
6Cloud AtlasWarner Bros.$5,250,000
7Hotel TransylvaniaSony$4,500,000
8Paranormal Activity 4Paramount$4,300,000
9Here Comes The BoomSony$3,600,000
10Silent Hill: Revelation 3DOpen Road Films$3,300,000