Box Office (12.16.12)

bilbohobbitCongratulations! With the release of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘ (WB), the epic prequel to The Lord Of The Rings series, the sun has set on ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2‘ (Sum.) and ‘Skyfall‘ (Sony) has jumped to the top of many charts, including the American box office. Behind it is ‘Rise of the Guardians‘ (Par./DW), like last week, ‘Lincoln‘ (BV) at #4, and ‘Life of Pi‘ at #5. New release, ‘Playing for Keeps‘ (FD), featuring Gerard Butler, at #6 and the only other difference from last week is ‘Killing Them Softly‘ (Wein.) falling to #10. Due to a controversy of unsatisfied fans of director Andrew Dominik’s interpretation of the characters, there are quite a few contradicting reviews turning fans off to the flick. However, most movie-watchers found it pleasing and Pitt’s acting killed them softly. Like ‘The Hobbit‘, which claimed #1 this weekend, some viewers claimed the movie made them sick while others marveled at the clear images the 48 FPS brought them.

The guardians remained at #2, ‘Lincoln‘ rose to #3, and ‘Skyfall‘ fell to #4. ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2‘ fell to #6, behind ‘Life of Pi‘, and ‘Playing for Keeps‘ tumbled over to #8, behind ‘Wreck-It Ralph‘, who still holds onto the top 10 without much effort. ‘Red Dawn (2012)‘ (FD) dropped to #9 and ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘ (Wein.), which held onto #11 steadily during the week, jumped up one to #10 by the end of the weekend. Internationally, as if shuffling a deck of predicted nominations, movies continue to switch around in various countries as the acceleration to the end of the finish line nears. Outside of the top 10, great movies continue to climb and fall wich each passing day, new releases not standing a chance against such big names.


Predictions for the upcoming final months before the 2013 Academy Awards, especially with the rush to see the nominations for the Golden Globes and performance of the SAG Awards nominees, we can expect to see a rise in those nominated for Best Picture, for many contain the best actor and actress nominees, like  Marion Cotillard from ‘Rust and Bone‘ (SPC), Jessica Chastain from ‘Zero Dark Thirty‘ (Sony), Daniel Day-Lewis from ‘Lincoln‘, and Joaquin Phoenix from ‘The Master‘ (Wein.), just to name a few. There is a predicted spike, especially due to the upcoming holidays, so please go watch them and form an opinion of your own!

1The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWB$84,775,000
2Rise of the GuardiansPar./DW$7,420,000
5Life of PiFox$5,400,000
6The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2Sum.$5,175,000
7Wreck-It RalphDis.$3,273,000
8Playing for KeepsFD$3,247,000
9Red Dawn (2012)FD$2,394,000
10Silver Linings PlaybookWein.$2,084,000