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2013 LAFF: Forev (***)

lafilmfest_forev_poster300-thumb-300xauto-39192Forev‘ debuted at the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival, the theater filled with the friends and family of the cast, crew, producers, and filmmakers. With everyone abuzz to see the romantic comedy, this film blew away all expectations for an indie movie. Since there has yet to be a great romantic comedy that connects people to the characters on the screen for a while, this film is a refreshing new breeze that can revolutionize the genre. Despite the meager funds used to create this film, from the carefully composed shots in a car to the delicate and crisp sound, the team of creatives and quirky characters on the screen brought the audience into a reality that could have happened and were left submerged in the cold reality of how close to life it really was.

Directed by Molly Green and James Leffler, the three main characters takes a journey through the desert and are forced to deal with personal issues and situations before returning to their lives, a bit worn but ready for more. It all starts when Pete (Matt Mider) invites Sophie (Noel Wells) on a 6-hour road trip to pick up his sister, Jess (Amanda Bauer) from Phoenix. There are ups and downs, sweet and sassy moments for both girls, as well as Pete. Each moment is filled with anticipation, laughs, and emotional confusion that each character undergoes to come into themselves and the reality of what they truly want and what their fears are. Along the way, there is no landscape to distract from the story, no characters that outshine the main characters, but situations that throw extra bumps on their, otherwise, fun trip.

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The array of characters introduced keeps our main characters on their journey to who they were meant to be, their arcs beautiful and sweet, with a beginning, middle, and end. I most deeply appreciated this movie for the lack of raunchiness and the clear and concise manner in which the story was told, executed, and the characters that I took the journey with. In a world where Zooey Deschanel defines quirkiness, these characters are much more realistic, practical, and down to earth, which makes them all the more lovable. Willing to take the great adventure, face personal challenges, and laugh at themselves, I highly recommend this great mix of a buddy film and a romantic comedy film for dates and girls’ nights. Perhaps, there may even be a Spirit Award nomination in the future, I would hope!

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Written by Tiff Chai

I enjoy watching, writing, and making action dramas, romantic comedies, and sci-fi/fantasies. I enjoy incorporating different ethnicities, cultures, and beliefs into my projects.


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