Get Involved in the AC Community! – Join the Oscar Pool and More…

AC_OSCARPOOLAs the Academy draws near, the Awards Circuit continues to stretch out its hand to our readers.  If you’re not aware, we pride ourselves in listening, interacting, and enjoying our readership.  There are many things for all lovers of film to get involved in as we draw a close to awards season.

We have partnered with to handle our annual Oscar pool contest.  This will give everyone the opportunity to officially go on record and win some cool prizes.  Register at Fun Office Pools, choose your predicted winners for the Academy Awards and you could win all the Best Picture nominees (when they are released) on DVD or Blu-Ray.  That’s for our first place winner.  The second place winner will receive an Awards Circuit shirt or hoodie from our merchandise store.

But there’s more….

ACCA_button_thumb.png…we are currently running the Awards Circuit Community Awards for 2012, our annual awards chosen by the readership.  Many of you, and you know who you are, have been vocal about what films and performances were ignored during the awards season.  You now have an opportunity to recognize those films and performers on our “ACCA Voting” page.  Voting will close Friday, February 1 with the nominees being announced on the Awards Circuit Power Hour on February 3.

The Staff have compiled the “Circuit Awards” and recently announced the nominees.  The winners will be announced on Sunday’s Power Hour.  The Davis Awards are also still being announced and you can see the nominees here.  I also announced my top ten films of the year.

We also have Academy Idol that is still going on.  We just had the Top 6 (Argo, Les Miserables, Silver Linings Playbook, Amour, Zero Dark Thirty, and Beasts of the Southern Wild) compete during Box Office Week.  The results will also be announced on Power Hour.

Join in all the fun for the month of February!  Looking forward to interacting with you all!

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