CAS and MPSE Guilds Sound Off


On late Saturday night, the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) handed out their prizes for Outstanding Achievement in SoundCAS Mixing, awarding Les Misérables with their award for a live action film. This probably puts Les Misérables as the frontrunner for the Sound Mixing Oscar (if it wasn’t already), especially on the heels of last weekend’s victory with BAFTA in the same category. Meanwhile, they handed out their award for an animated film to Pixar’s Brave, who gained a lot of momentum this weekend taking both CAS and the ACE Eddie.

MPSEThe Motion Pictures Sound Editors Guild (MPSE) honors – you guessed it – Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing. Ang Lee’s Life of Pi was the big winner here, taking prizes for both Dialogue and ADR in a Feature Film as well as Music in a Feature Film. Skyfall managed to stay in the game by taking the Sound Effects and Foley award. Wreck-It Ralph managed to pull off a win with the Sound Editors, splitting the sound guilds (CAS went with Brave, as mentioned above).

While Les Mis feels the safest bet to take the Oscar for Sound Mixing, Sound Editing seems completely wide open. I currently have Argo winning there (just one more award for them to check off for their favorite film, perhaps?), but have been thinking about switching to Life of Pi. So this just muddies the waters a bit more in what is becoming the most challenging awards race in a long, long time. Are we having fun yet?

Who do you think takes the Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, and Animated Feature Oscar?