Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 41: Oscar Post-Mortem, 2014 Preview, American Idol Interview w/ Hallie Day


PowerHour_Logo_NewThe Awards Circuit Power Hour is focusing on the Oscars 2013 Post Mortem. What were our big gripes with the show? How did Seth MacFarlane do as a host? Was it too long?

We also examine Ben Affleck’s Argo (2012) and its three Oscar wins for Picture, Editing, and Adapted Screenplay. How will the film stand the test of time and look next to other Best Picture winners?  Was Ang Lee’s Life of Pi #2 in the lineup?

The Pros and Cons with the Oscar ceremony.  What did they do right?  What did they do wrong?

A look at all the winners: What was the biggest surprise of the night?

Terence has a rant on this week’s edition of “Stop Making It Happen” while Mark gives us some knowledge on this week’s “Did You Know?”

We introduce the new series that will be brought to you during the off-season including Michael Ward’s “Everything Comes Back Around,” Nicole Melkonian’s “Writer’s Block,” and Tiff Chai’s “International Circuit.”

Hallie DaySince the twelfth season of American Idol has kicked off, we begin our Past Idol Series with a short chat with Season 11’s Hallie Day, who made the Top 24.  How was her experience on the show and what she has planned next in this past Idol world?  Follow Hallie at @HDayAI11

We preview a bit of the Oscars 2014 and prepping you for next week’s preview.  What film are we placing at #1 on our predictions? Also, what do you want to see at next year’s Oscar ceremony?

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