Two Disc Deluxe Edition of ‘Les Miserables’ Cast Album to arrive March 19th

eddie redmayne in les miserablesDespite the reception the film seemed to get from the top critics and even some of our own staff, Les Miserables was an unquestionable hit at the box office and garnered 8 Oscar nominations, winning 3 (Supporting Actress, Sound Mixing, and Makeup and Hairstyling). The cast album was also one of the best selling soundtracks in years and the producers have decided to give us even more goodness as a two disc edition of the score will be released on March 19th. As many of you noted songs like “Do You Hear the People Sing?” and “A Little Fall of Rain” were excluded from the original 20 track recording released in December, but they’ve been included in this version. View the track list after the jump!

Disc One:

“Look Down” (Hugh Jackman)
“The Bishop” (Colm Wilkinson)
“Valjean’s Soliloquy” (Hugh Jackman)
“At The End Of The Day” (Hugh Jackman)
“The Docks (Lovely Ladies)” (Anne Hathaway)
“I Dreamed A Dream” (Anne Hathaway)
“Fantine’s Arrest” (Anne Hathaway)
“Who Am I?” (Hugh Jackman)
“Fantine’s Death” (Anne Hathaway)
“The Confrontation” (Hugh Jackman)
“Castle On A Cloud” (Isabelle Allen)
“Master Of The House” (Sacha Baron Cohen)
“The Bargain” (Isabelle Allen)
“Suddenly” (Hugh Jackman)
“The Convent” (Hugh Jackman)
“Stars” (Russell Crowe)
“Paris/Look Down” (Daniel Huttlestone)
“The Robbery” (Sasha Baron Cohen)
“ABC Café/Red & Black” (Eddie Redmayne)
“In My Life” (Amanda Seyfried)
“A Heart Full Of Love” (Eddie Redmayne)
“On My Own” (Samantha Barks)
“One Day More” (Full Cast)

Disc Two:

“Do You Hear the People Sing?” (Aaron Tveit)
“Building The Barricade” (Aaron Tveit)
“Javert At The Barricade” (Russell Crowe)
“The First Attack” (Eddie Redmayne)
“Little Fall Of Rain” (Eddie Redmayne)
“Drink With Me” (Aaron Tveit)
“Bring Him Home” (Hugh Jackman)
“The Death Of Gavroche” (Aaron Tveit)
“The Final Battle” (Aaron Tveit)
“The Sewers” (Sasha Baron Cohen)
“Javert’s Suicide” (Russell Crowe)
“Turning” (Full Cast)
“Empty Chairs At Empty Tables” (Eddie Redmayne)
“A Heart Full Of Love (Reprise)” (Amanda Seyfried)
“Valjean’s Confession” (Hugh Jackman)
“Suddenly (Reprise)” (Eddie Redmayne)
“The Wedding” (Sasha Baron Cohen)
“Beggars At The Feast” (Sasha Baron Cohen)
“Epilogue” (Full Cast)