First reactions to ‘August: Osage County’ arrive!

-August-Osage-County-Set-with-Ewan-McGregor-October-4-2012-julia-roberts-32625999-1222-817Harvey must have known that we were doing an Awards Profile about his crown jewel August: Osage County yesterday so he went and had a test screening last night! The joys of these here interwebs means that reactions were instantaneous and we’ve rounded up some of the comments. Did the movie excel or fail? Check out the opinions after the jump!

Tumblr user IOweUrl – It was incredible. Every actor killed it. It did such a great job of moving between humor and drama, I can’t even. And Benedict was so amazing and adorable I melted into a puddle and almost fell out of my chair multiple times. HE SINGS. SINGS. S I N G S. And is 100% adorable in his short amount of screen time. It still had some editing to do, just some cleaning up, and one of the bulbs in the project went out and we had to wait 20 minutes to resume the film, but it was free and amazing and I really really can’t wait to see it again!!

‏@mks373 – Also If Julia Roberts is nominated in the best supporting category, she too will take home another Oscar!  Otherwise Margo Martindale will win Best Supporting actress.

@bexatious Just finished a preview of August: Osage County. It was. NOT. GOOD. I do not recommend it.

@Candzbee Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts are unbelievably brilliant in August Osage county. Oscars for everyone! Tracy Letts has done it again!

@spellingwitch August: Osage County. Ben: sweet. Story: fucked up. Meryl Streep: Oscar.

Re: Supporting Males
Ewan McGregor: He was fine, but completely reactionary to Julia. I don’t see him happening. (Terence’s Thoughts: nooooooooooo!)
Benedict Cumberbatch: I really liked him a lot; he was really sad and heartbreaking, but he really doesn’t have all that much to do here. It’s too bad that his character gets robbed for a reaction to the big reveal.
Chris Cooper: Has the best male role and by far the most sympathetic character in the film. His telling off of Margo Martindale’s character got applause from the audience, so if many of the men get any traction, it’ll be him