Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 43: Original Screenplay Writers, Tribeca Preview, Circuit Madness Results


PowerHour_Logo_NewAwards Circuit Power Hour is full of speculation this week.  We’re talking about dozens of possible Oscar contenders this year and asking that fateful question, will they ever win an Oscar?

We reveal the results of Circuit Madness, the quest to find the “Best” Best Picture winner of all-time.  Did your favorite move forward?  Listen in to see.

We give a lowdown of the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival where Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight will be playing along Prince Avalanche and the upcoming documentary about Oscar-nominee Michael Haneke called Michael H – Profession: Director.

We play “Give Them an Oscar” and with subjects like Sam Rockwell and Jessica Alba, the choices are very different.

A big focus of this podcast is placed on our possible Original Screenplay contenders and with heavy hitters like Woody Allen, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, and Jim Jarmusch all making a bid this year, we could have a strong lineup coming down the line.  John Carney has an upcoming film with Keira Knightley titled Can a Song Save Your Life? and some think I might be overestimating its potential.  There are even some on staff that believe Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity may be a bit “too sci-fi” for the Academy’s liking.  I disagree.  Listen to see if you do too.

We also introduce a new game that gives you the power of Harvey Weinstein.

Listen to the podcast and make sure to comment on the topics you find interesting.  Enjoy!