‘Jane Got A Gun’ Loaded With Drama

Natalie Portman

Director Lynne Ramsay, apparently, dropped ‘Jane Got A Gun’ (2014) on the first day of shooting. The award-winning director of ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ (2011), who won for best film screenplay at the 2012 Writer’s Guild of Great Britain Awards, is rumored to have quit the film due to irreconcilable issues with producer Scott Steindorff. And, due to her departure, Jude Law, who had signed onto the project because of Ramsay’s involvement, withdrew from the project. With his past experiences, he would have been the perfect gentleman for the task. Another fit that might not have been considered is Will Smith, due to his comedic performance in ‘Wild, Wild, West’ (1999).

In the place of Lynne Ramsay, Steindorff appointed Gavin O’Connor to take over. Production is underway, according to sources, but the drama of pre-production still looms over the outcome of the film. With so many replacements and heavy opinions, many hope for smooth sailing now that the project is being filmed.

As for this speculator, this is a bit disappointing. As dynamic as Natalie Portman is, from the southern roots of ‘Where The Heart Is‘ (2000) to the sci-fi/fantasy Queen Amidala/Padme, an action-drama is not a wise choice for her. And, to top it all off, choosing it to make it a Western is one of the most painful decisions she could have ever committed to. From her face, to her physical structure and capabilities, action isn’t wise, nor is she fit for the role. I can’t see her pulling off Elektra Natchios from ‘Daredevil’ (2003) or Cataleya from ‘Colombiana’ (2011), both of whom can’t replace Portman in her prior roles. Maybe her role in ‘Cold Mountain‘ (2003) can lend her some credit, but most of the credit landed in the corner of Nicole Kidman and Jude Law, who is no longer around to help.

As the sweetheart that is loved and cherished, who goes crazy in dancing shoes, Portman is proven as a very relevant player and suited for the romantic-comedy and dramatic-romantic roles. Still, the world will have to wait to see whether or not Portman can carry the film on her delicate shoulders, and whether or not more drama awaits them as the shooting continues. Through unnamed sources, it is said that control was the issue and still remains an obstacle in the future between those passionate about this film.