‘Nebraska’ gets an Oscar friendly release date of November 22nd!

hero_Alexander_PayneAnyone who looks at a new Alexander Payne film and doesn’t assume that the Academy will nominate it in some way is honestly just blind to history. Aside from Payne’s feature debut Citizen Ruth, every single one of his movies has received at least one Oscar nomination, and a pair of them have won the filmmaker himself an Academy Award for screenwriting. His latest flick Nebraska could very well continue that trend, with an upcoming debut at the Cannes Film Festival our first hint, though the people at Paramount seem to be confident about the work, as they’ve opted to begin its limited release rollout on November 22nd, right in the heart of the awards season. Not only that, but they’ve allowed him to release the picture in black and white as well.  A little more after the jump.

Essentially, Nebraska is coming out in black and white but was originally shot in color so that the studio could have a more valuable product to sell television and foreign rights to. In my mind, they wouldn’t have made this compromise that favors Payne unless they were very high on the movie’s quality. I could be wrong, but it seems like the film is going to be another Oscar contender for the filmmaker. I’m not sure it can finally be the one to get him Best Director or Best Picture, but time will certainly tell.

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