Box Office Results (05.19.13)

STID FacesThis week, the top 3 hardest hitters graced the #1 daily charts. ‘Iron Man 3‘ (BV) kept a good stride until ‘The Great Gatsby‘ (WB) drove past it into the daily #1 on Wednesday, May 15th, with ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘ (Par.) in at #1 this Thursday, May 16th. Internationally, ‘IM3‘ stays at #1 in several box offices, with ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘ in the others. ‘IM3‘ loses some power in its thrusters, but remains at #1, followed by ‘The Great Gatsby (2013)‘ partying into #2 and the Enterprise landing in at #3. ‘Pain and Gain‘ (Par.) drops to #4, ‘42‘ (WB) at #5, with ‘Tyler Perry Presents Peeples‘ (LGF) in at #6. Taking a bigger hit, ‘The Big Wedding‘ (LGF) sinks to #10, ‘Mud‘ (RAtt.) just ahead at #9, ‘The Croods‘ (Fox) swinging into #8, and ‘Oblivion‘ (Uni.) shooting into #7. This week, ‘Venus and Serena‘ (Magn.) courts into #65, and many new titles further down the charts, like ‘Sightseers’ (IFC) at #70, ‘The Painting (2013)‘ (GK) at #85, with #113, ‘When the Iron Bird Flies‘ (KL), grossing only $61.

This weekend, Captain Kirk takes his great adventure into #1, easily doubling the take on ‘IM3‘, almost tripling how much ‘The Great Gatsby (2013)‘ took during the weekend. Taking much less than the top three, ‘Pain and Gain‘ sits still at #4, ‘The Croods‘ up from the week’s count, at #5, with ‘42‘ at #6, ‘Oblivion‘ at #7, ‘Mud‘ at #8, and ‘Peeples‘ at #9. The comedy featuring Amanda Seyfried in another wedding dress remains at #10, though taking in much less than during the week. The much talked about ‘Frances Ha‘ (IFC) lands at #22, ‘Pieta’ (Drft.) at #40, followed by two more new releases, ‘The English Teacher‘ starring Julianne Moore and Nathan Lane, at #41 and the unrated documentary, ‘Becoming Traviata‘ (Distrib.), at #42.

Rank Title Studio
1 Star Trek Into Darkness Paramount
2 Iron Man 3 Buena Vista
3 The Great Gatsby (2013) Warner Bros.
4 Pain and Gain Paramount
5 The Croods Fox
6 42 Warner Bros.
7 Oblivion Universal
8 Mud Roadside Attractions
9 Tyler Perry Presents Peeples Lionsgate Films
10 The Big Wedding Lionsgate Films

The Heat PosterUpcoming releases, of the many, include ‘The Hangover Part III‘ on May 23rd, featuring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis. On May 24th, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel return in the action-filled ‘Fast & Furious 6‘, running in the veins of ‘Ferngully‘ (1992), ‘EPIC‘ features the voice talents of Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hutcherson, and, only in theaters in New York and Los Angeles, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy star in ‘Before Midnight‘, a continuation of the love story between Jesse and Celine, two strangers who met on a train Vienna-bound. To wrap up the month of May’s releases, ‘After Earth‘ and ‘Now You See Me‘ will open nationwide on the 31st, both featuring very popular stars in complimenting roles. June sees the eager anticipation of ‘Man of Steel‘, a darker interpretation of a Superman story, and ‘White House Down‘, featuring Channing Tatum in another action-filled role. Also in June, ‘The Heat‘ featuring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock which will, hopefully, bring the thunder back to Bullock’s slide.