Eat Dinner with Kristin Scott Thomas in Clip from ‘Only God Forgives’

kristinscottthomas_onlygodforgivesAs we collected some of the reactions from the screening of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives starring Ryan Gosling, many critics and audience members had mixed feedback on the newest venture from the director of Drive (2011).

In the newest clip released, Kristin Scott Thomas sits at a dinner table, accompanied by a beautiful music composition by Cliff Martinez, with her son, played by Ryan Gosling.  Watch the three-minute clip down below.  As many seem divided on the film and its awards chances, I still remain very hopeful and am anticipating the turn by the Academy Award nominated actress.  Anybody else think its crazy that she’s only been nominated once?  She feels like she should be a two-fer by now.

Check it out!