2013 LAFF: Purgatorio (**)


What started as a Kickstarter project, ultimately became this Film Festival wandering documentary. Directed by Rodrigo Reyes, ‘Purgatorio‘ is about life on the other side of the border that separates the United States and Mexico. The desolation and desperation of the citizens who would risk their lives to find illegal work just to send money home to their families is both motivating and uncomfortable to watch. Never knowing the comforts of the other side, there is a great sense of darkness and dedication when it comes to those who would want to cross over. However sad the situation, the documentary is filled with beautiful shots despite the slow pacing. The sound is quite clean and the music really pulls in the audience, despite the morbid depiction of the scarcity of one side compared to the other. Very different from the video on the fundraising page, the actual documentary goes much deeper into the world of the hurting than presenting a solution to the problem or any sense of what will happen next.