Talking A Band Called Death with Scott Mosier!


scott mosierDepending on who you are and where your interests lie, you either know Scott Mosier as one half of Kevin Smith‘s flagship podcast known as SModcast, the producer behind nearly every one of Smith’s films, or even as a cameo actor in those flicks. Besides that though, Mosier is a successful editor and writer, alongside being a well regarded producer with a wide variety of movies on his resume. One of his projects was even nominated for an Academy Award (the short Salim Baba, which was up for Best Documentary Short Subject). Next week sees the documentary A Band Called Death hitting theaters and Scott is one of the producers on it. He was kind enough to hop on Skype for a chat with me about the doc, which is very good (stay tuned for my review in a few days), though we touched on a few different topics besides just A Band Called Death. Take a listen and I hope you enjoy my interview with Scott! You can listen below…

Here’s the audio of my talk with Scott Mosier:

A BAND CALLED DEATH is available on iTunes, VOD and for digital download now
The film will be in theaters on Friday, June 28

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