Box Office Results (06.23.13)

This weekend, our beloved funny monsters in ‘Monsters University‘ (BV) topped the chart, easily laughing its way up to #1, followed by ‘World War Z‘ (Par.) at #2. ‘Man of Steel‘ (WB) stole to #3, ‘This is the End‘ (Sony) a ways behind it at #4, and ‘Now You See Me‘ (LG/S) at #5. ‘Fast & Furious 6‘ (Uni.) sped into #6, followed closely by ‘The Internship‘ (Fox) at #7, ‘The Purge‘ (Uni.) at #8, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘ (Par.) at #9, and ‘Iron Man 3‘ (BV), as ever so consistent, remains at #10, holding on to a small lead ahead of ‘The Bling Ring‘ (A24) at #11.

1Monsters UniversityBuena Vista
2World War ZParamount
3Man of SteelWarner Bros.
4This is the EndSony
5Now You See MeLionsgate/Summit
6Fast & Furious 6Universal
7The InternshipFox
8The PurgeUniversal
9Star Trek Into DarknessParamount
10Iron Man 3Buena Vista

For most of this week on the daily charts, ‘Man of Steel‘ stayed on top, until the release of ‘Monsters University‘ hit theaters, which caused a shift that remains dominant to this day. This week, however, Henry Cavill landed the lead and movie in at #1, followed by Seth Rogen and his group of guys. The tricky magicians wound up at #3, just ahead of ‘Fast 6‘ and the masked Ethan Hawke in his new thriller in at #5. Comedy duo Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson fall down the charts to #6, the ‘Epic’ tale of a hero’s journey following, with the Enterprise, the Smiths, and the ever-loveable sarcastic man in the iron suit in at #10.


Many new titles are on the charts this week, and even more during the weekend. Despite the LA Film Festival rush, the other films are all doing fine, not budging as they make a stand for their placement. Still, it’s too early in the Summer to predict which film will come out on top and survive the Summer’s heat and prevail into Winter. Keep watching movies and let’s get ready for awards season!