Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx plan to make another movie together?

170269-1Yes, it appears that movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx enjoyed each other’s company while on the long shoot for Quentin Tarantino‘s ultimately Oscar winning Western Django Unchained, so much so that they’re keen to work together again. Apparently, they’ve both signed on to co-star in a crime flick called Mean Business on North Ganson Street. Obviously, this is too early to know much about whether this will be anything particularly special or not, but they both did fine work in the same film last year, so I’m all for another movie with them in it together. After the jump you can see some details about the project, but for now this is one to simply put in the back of your mind and perhaps anticipate one day soon. Some more information can be found below…

Here’s a bit of info from a piece in The Hollywood Reporter:

The film is based on S. Craig Zahler’s forthcoming crime novel. Zahler will write the script. The project has no director, but the two actors are attached.

The book tells of two detectives who team up to stop a series of attacks on a police department. It begins with a disgraced detective (DiCaprio) who is sent to a Missouri town where crime is spiking. He is partnered with a detective who has his own set of violent issues (Foxx) just in time to see police officers becoming targeted for murder. The two decide to dish out their own brand of justice.

DiCaprio will produce with his Appian Way partner Jennifer Davisson Killoran.

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