Mark Ruffalo Deals with Sex Addiction in the Trailer for ‘Thanks for Sharing’


26-thanks-for-sharingI’ve actually had Thanks for Sharing on my radar for a while now. Besides always being interested in a Mark Ruffalo flick, writer Stuart Blumberg is making his directorial debut here. Very quietly, Blumberg has become a scribe capable of penning memorable fare like The Girl Next Door, Keeping the Faith, and The Kids are All Right. In short, I’ve liked everything he’s done so far, and as a writer/director now, he looks to keep that going with a dramedy about sex addiction. Shame, this is not, but the Trailer has hit and looks to show off an enjoyable film. You can see for yourself, but Ruffalo looks solid and support comes from the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim Robbins.

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