10 Performances from the First Half that Oscar® Must Remember

dennis haysbert luv

Dennis Haysbert in LUV (Best Supporting Actor):

Dennis Haysbert has always been one of my favorite actors. His complete awards shutout for his work in Far From Heaven is an injustice I might never get over. In Sheldon Candis’ LUV, Haysbert reminds us that he’s more than just the comforting voice of Allstate® Insurance. Haysbert plays mob boss Mr. Fish, a family man who can either avuncularly dispense wisdom or ruthlessly cut you down when you become an inconvenience. Haysbert’s transition from generous counselor to lethal murderer is astounding. It’s further evidence that Haysbert is a chameleon that can tackle any acting challenge given to him and make it look as easy as exhaling air. Haysbert’s powerfully authoritative turn in LUV is the underrated thespian at his most subtly effective and should be revisited during the upcoming awards race.