Emmy Chatter: Drama (Lead Actress and Drama Series)


re1This is the final part of a 4 part conversation regarding the Emmy nominations, which will be announced on on Thursday, July 18th. Parts 1-3 can be viewed here, here, and here.

Terence:  ‪Now we get to actress which needs like a mathematician from Georgia Tech to design a system because the permutations are insane with all the women in contention.

Joseph:  ‪I actually don’t think it’s too hard to figure out which ones will make it.

Terence:  ‪Danes, Moss, Marguilles, Britton, Washington, Dockery, Russell, Maslany, Rossum, Segal, Farmiga and Wright all have a shot to make it. That’s an INSANE field of competition.

Joseph: Margulies and Danes are locks; that’s a given. Elizabeth Moss is aiming to be a double nominee this year and of course she’ll likely get a nom for Mad Men. Keri Russell is the quintessential comeback kid, whose work in The Americans has been met with much support. ‪And then you have Kerry Washington from Scandal. I mean…what does this woman have to do to be nominated? She’s been in film and TV and her fans are so vocal about her greatness in Scandal, as they should be.

Terence:  ‪Do you realize there hasn’t been a black actress nominated in the lead category since 1995 (Cicely Tyson) and only EIGHT overall??? If Kerry can’t get in with THE buzzy show idk what it will take to get her a nom.

Joseph:  ‪That is an ugly stat. I firmly believe she will but again…you never know what kind of BS the committee will pull the day of nominations. Farmiga might’ve been a stronger contender had Bates Motel been the hit everyone thought it would have been

Terence:  ‪I think Farmiga has a shot because she’s got that serious movie star/Oscar nominee is doing TV but man did Bates Motel fall apart in the final two episodes.

Joseph:  ‪I’m struggling to believe that show even took off the ground, the buzz is so weak for it.

Terence:  ‪It was a “big” hit for the first few weeks and Farmiga’s acting was great, relying more on subtlety which doesn’t necessarily help you come awards time. I’m really hoping that Russell gets in for The Americans, she was amazing and so not the Keri we’re used to.

Joseph:  ‪As someone who never watched Felicity, I can’t claim to “know” Keri Russell but she’s got a lot of people in the industry behind her. She’s like the girl that never quite broke out but should have. At least that’s how everyone paints her as. Who are your six?!

Terence:  ‪They are…drum roll please…‪ Claire Danes, Julianna Marguilles, Keri Russell, Kerry Washington (I mean barely getting in), Elizabeth Moss and Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black.

Joseph:  ‪The last one could definitely get in. She’s getting major buzz to the point where I’m curious about her supposed greatness. My 6 are 1. Claire Danes, 2. Julianna Marguilles, 3. Keri Russell, 4. Elizabeth Moss, 5. Robin Wright for House of Cards (LET IT BE SO!) and 6. Kerry Washington

Terence:  ‪Oh shit, I forgot about Robin Wright! My girl…if it weren’t for the ice queen antics of Russell she’d be a shoo in for her spot. Anyways let’s move onto the big one Drama series and there’s sooooooo much to delve into regarding this so I’d figure we’d do pros and cons for each major show starting with (spins wheel)

Breaking Bad
Pros: The show raises the stakes EVERY season and according to many fans and critics, gets increasingly better in quality. Season 5 Part 1 had the highest Metacritic score in TV History with an average 99. That’s pretty significant.
Cons: It will always come back to the material. Will a show that makes you sympathetic toward a drug dealer and his trade ever truly connect with the committee?

Pros: EVERYONE loves it, critics, audiences, awards bodies
Cons: subject matter, being the favorite doesn’t always work out, there are bigger fish in the pond to look at

Game of Thrones
Pros: fantastic acting, incredible moments like Danyers sacking Astapor, Jamie’s hand, and that soul crushing, spirit breaking Red Wedding.
‪Cons: The season was really uneven, too many characters NOT interacting with each other, the story really never came to a head (it’s only 3/4 of the 3rd book), a terrible season finale after The Red Wedding.

Pros: The best season of the show, bar none. Pace was phenomenal, moments will live on in television infamy, minor characters or characters we cared less about were really given a chance to blossom this season. The writing was off-the-charts strong. Red wedding was great, and the season finale was just fine. Ending with fan favorite Khaleesi is always a smart move.
‪Cons: The violence may be too much for the committee, especially in how Hollywood is shifting their thoughts on that subject. Other than that, this was a pretty perfect season that both the fans and critics loved equally. Okay, fine, the Greyjoy scenes were as torturous as depicted.
Terence:  ‪UGH that Theon plot line was the worst. Next up: SMASH
Joseph:  ‪hell no haha
Terence:  ‪ LOL jk.

Joseph:  ‪I haven’t seen it and no way is it making it in

Pros: its the TV event show on air right now, huge integration of show watching and online activity, amazing acting.
Cons: its a primetime soap and those struggle to get in, President cheating on his wife, morally dubious characters that can annoy you.

Boardwalk Empire
Joseph:  ‪skip. Not going to make it
Terence:  ‪I didn’t watch the last season so that’s fine

Downton Abbey
Pros: Still second-to-none when it comes to a surplus of characters we’ve come to cherish almost equally. Even the bad guys are at times lovable in their own ways. The strength of the cast and the familiarity of the characters will always keep Downton firmly in the running.
Cons: I’ve only seen one episode, but some say the quality of the season has gone down and some of the narrative choices were a bit contentious.

Pros: American inferiority when it comes to costume dramas, witty dialogue, Dockery, Smith and Froggatt still slay
Cons: everyone hated how the season ended, it’s no longer the IT tv show

The Good Wife

Joseph:  ‪skip. Haven’t seen it and it’s in the same boat as Boardwalk, on the fringe and probably not gonna make it.

Pros: the show was on fire near the end of the season, everyone in the cast is in contention for a nom, Broadcast.
Cons: Broadcast doesn’t mean anything anymore, the first part of the season was average, a procedural up against more narrative driven fare.

The Americans
Pros: The newest “It” show that critics are talking buzzing about.
Cons: The buzz isn’t nearly as loud as Mad Men or Homeland in their inaugural seasons

Pros: great acting, good critical clout, period piece, intense stories
Cons: its bad episodes were baaaaad, frosty unlikable characters, can we root for the KGB?

Mad Men
Pros: still a quality show, those actors, almost to the finish line
Cons: they went 0-17 last year at the Emmys, is the love gone?

‪Pros: Mad Men will always be in contention. Still considered one of the best written shows on Television
Cons: It lost last year which yanks it from the frontrunner position. Not sure this year was great enough to justify reclaiming the throne

Pros: When Homeland is good it’s PHENOMENAL, must-see television that is as strong as any Best Picture Oscar nominee. Suspense continues in Season 2 I hear.
Cons: When it’s bad, it borders on silly and unbelievable. A lot of people weren’t exactly thrilled with the quality of Season 2 compared to Season 1, which sorry, I found overrated too

Pros: it raised the stakes so high, the acting is AMAZING, never a dull moment
Cons: It does veer into the silly, has some super unlikable characters and it feels like was on EONS ago, not good for a campaign

House of Cards
Pros: amazing drama, morally ambiguous characters with fantastic writing, solid acting, political intrigue
‪Cons: With the Russo ending, Kate Mara’s character and Wright’s assistant, most unlikable character actions ever? Also, I truly don’t know how the Academy is gonna feel about it being on Netflix. Yes it’s got glitz and a big campaign but I can totally see people saying it’s not tv and leaving it off.

Pros: New technology via Netflix streaming proves a winner. Every episode was a gem, characters were fascinating even when horrible, which often they were. Stoll’s character arc has such a classical rise and fall structure, I cannot imagine fans of such nostalgic structure that hasn’t been seen since the 70s wouldn’t totally embrace. The show feels like a movie. Production values are second to none.
Cons: It’s on “that streaming device.” Sometimes the show can get a bit confusing if you miss some key elements. Maybe too political at times. I could see some saying the lack of “something happening” AKA ACTION could bore people.

Terence:  ‪Well then it’s time to lay down the gauntlet, who’s getting nommed?

Joseph:  ‪My final 6: 1. Game of Thrones (the winner, yes I said it here), 2. Breaking Bad, 3. Homeland, 4. Mad Men, 5. Downton Abbey, 6. House of Cards

Terence: Breaking Bad, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and The Americans