Comic-Con Diary: Friday

Hello readers and welcome back to our coverage of Comic-Con. Today saw me have my most relaxing stress free day I’ve ever had at a convention or festival. It’s good to take breaks when you are at big events like Comic-Con cause the experience can get overwhelming at times.

The day started out at 10:30 am, when I attended a TV writers panel. I’ll be posting the audio from the panel by Sunday, but needless to say this panel was awesome. This is the first time I’ve attended on of these industry type panels that tangible advice was given to the folks in the audience. Also, it was great to hear Jane Espenson speak about her experience in the industry.

IMG_0514Next up came a panel on Music and Comics that I honestly wouldn’t have attended if not for the fact a panel I wanted to see was directly afterwards. It did provide me an opportunity to get this sampler book from two of the panelists which chronicles The Carter Family, the famous country artists.

Luckily the panel I was in the room for proved to be a much more interesting affair. It was called The Character of Music and it brought together show runners and their composers. I’ve been focusing a lot on scores with Awards Circuit and I am always down for a music panel. This one was particularly good because the composers (Dino Meneghin, Bear McCreary, and Brian Reitzell) are so engaging and passionate about their work that it really made the panel a fun thing to witness. Also, after this panel I was just minding by own business, mingling outside the door when this happened.

Any Hugh Dancy fans out there?

My last stop of the day was at Nerd HQ’s Conversation for a Cause with Joe Manganiello from True Blood. Joe is a really gregarious guy and he handled the questions from the fans like a pro. The highlight of the event had to be when Yvette Nicole Brown from Community and Rhetta from Parks and Rec hijacked the panel for a bit and asked Joe which one of them he loved more.

I’m turning in early tonight since I’m going to have to get up at 5am in order to wait in the Hall H line to get into the panels. Pure insanity.