Comic-Con: Superman and Batman to team up in 2015 ‘Man of Steel’ sequel


3047531-2746029308-9360_Oh man, this is humungous news. Warner Bros is set to have a panel in Hall H today where it is expected that they will announce that instead of a direct sequel to Man of Steel, we’ll be getting a Superman and Batman team up film in 2015. We all know that DC and WB are chomping at the bit to get to a Justice League film and a team up movie seems like a good way to at least start that process.

It’s unclear exactly who will be involved in the project but it’s expected that Zack Sndyer and David Goyer will back, as well as star Henry Cavil playing Superman. Christopher Nolan is also expected to produce the project.

What do you all think of a Superman/Batman team up and who do you want to see playing Batman?