Digital Shows from Korea Amidst Netflix’s Success w/ ‘House of Cards’

Playful Kiss PosterOne of the most talked about surprises for this new lot of Emmy nominations is, of course, the arrival of Netflix in the game for the big networks and cable. In a race where no internet platform had been able to compete in the big leagues, there may finally be a stand-alone willing to take the risk. Having grown since the recent years, others like Hulu and Youtube have picked up some slack, making their way into the world, still awaiting their successes validated by the entertainment industry.

Across the seas, Europe and Asia make their way through the industry, though without much notice from America. One example being a deal Google and Youtube struck with ‘Playful Kiss‘ (2010), a Korean Drama, for seven short episodes online, only available on Youtube. This ensured the show being shown internationally, and brought fans to the original series, available on Youtube and Netflix. It seemed the divide between Asia and American has been coming down slowly for some time, this being just another falling brick.

To compete with Google and Youtube, Netflix and Hulu created original content of their own that many big-wigs seemed to have doubted due to the online nature of their medium, but with the world becoming more well cyber-versed, the announcement of Emmy nominations from ‘House of Cards’ shocked and amazed everyone. The internet pages filled with speculation about the underdog of the industry and all eyes have turned onto the Emmys to see just how this will play out and how the entertainment industry will be affected by it.

Whether or not Netflix knew this would happen when starting ‘House of Cards‘, all eyes await the announcement of the winners of the 2013 Emmys.