Trailers for Canada’s ‘Gabrielle’ and Hungary’s ‘Le Grand Cahier’ – Playing at TIFF!


gabrielle_02Thanks to Guillaume Roy for sending these along!

Down below is the trailers for two possible foreign language films that will be playing at the Toronto Film Festival.  The first is for the Canadian film, Gabrielle.  The other is for Le Grand Cahier/The Notebook from Hungary.

Possible contenders?  We’ll see.

“Gabrielle” Trailer

ABOUT “Gabrielle”:
Quebecois director Louise Archambault follows her smart and refreshing debut feature Familia with this tender drama about a developmentally challenged young woman’s quest for independence and sexual freedom.

“Le Grand Cahier” Trailer

ABOUT “Le Grand Cahier/The Notebook”:
János Szász’s gripping adaptation of Agota Kristof’s award-winning novel, about two boys sent to live with their wicked, estranged grandmother during World War II, is a grim, atmospheric drama about fraternal bonds and survival. Szász remodels his wartime coming-of-age story into a Brothers Grimm-like fairy tale, colouring the twins’ environment through the golden and earthy cinematography of Christian Berger (The White Ribbon, Festival 2009).