Joey’s DVD Picks of the Week (08/20/2013)

amourThis week, it’s another one of those mostly genre filled slates of films coming to shelves for your potentially enjoyment and ownership. There’s also a rather prestige-y foreign title that many of you are big on coming today to Blu-Ray and DVD, but I can’t say I’m as excited as you might be. At the same time, it wound up being my top choice this week, but that’s more due to the quality of other contenders being rather “meh”, though the quantity is certainly there in spades. Yes, for my PICK OF THE WEEK, I opted to go with an Oscar winner from last year that I found to be somewhat overrated, though I know I’m in the minority in terms of that line of thinking. If you’re thinking the title I picked is rather obvious, well…you’re right there. This is another day (yes, another one) where I’m not amazingly thrilled with my top pick, but I’m not in total denial or regret about it’s worthiness, so I’ll get over it without a problem. We’ll get to the obvious film in a little bit folks, but until then…it’s time to head over to my Vintage pick section and see what’s going on there this time around!

Vintage Viewing

MKT_1862_cornetto_trilogy_OnesheetIn honor of this week’s release of The World’s End, I figured it was only right to go with the obvious choice and talk about the other two films in this now trilogy of sorts. Yes, I’m referring to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. I’m a much bigger fan of the former than the latter, but I think both are well worth revisiting this week before checking out Edgar Wright’s latest, which again stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. They’re definitely good for at least a laugh, if not more, so this is a pretty safe bet for enjoyment this week…

Films In Release

With nothing to recommend besides my top pick, here’s pretty much just a simple rundown of what movies are coming out and hitting shelves today. None got a thumbs up from me, but that’s just my take on them…so what does that mean for you? Well, you can find out below:


A would be animated awards contender that seemed to underwhelm most, I never got around to seeing it when it screened before playing in theaters (which it still is currently). If the Oscars take notice, I’ll remedy that, but right now it seems to me like one I won’t particularly miss if I wind up skipping it entirely…

Box Office: $107,213,621 (and counting)

killing_seasonKilling Season

This Robert De Niro/John Travolta thriller barely got a theatrical release, but it’s honestly not terrible. To be fair, it’s hardly worthy of a recommendation, but if you want to see these two guys go up against each other, it’s definitely not as bad as it could have been. That’s something, right?

Box Office: $39,881

No One Lives

This is another little flick that barely had a theatrical run, and it’s another that’s not particularly bad. It’s solidly mediocre, if that makes sense. I wouldn’t say run out and buy it, but you could honestly do worse than this horror title…

Box Office: $74,918


Easily the least scene of the apocalyptic films of 2013, this could have been an indie success, but it didn’t really get a chance to play in theaters. I didn’t get to see it, but will probably check it out soon. Perhaps you’ll join me?

Box Office: N/A

Scary Movie 5

I completely forgot that this series was still going on until I sat down to write this column, and judging by the tiny box office (for this franchise, at least), it seems that audiences at large are ready to be done with it too…

Box Office: $32,015,787

Shadow Dancer

At one point this indie drama was thought of as a potential awards player, but it was mostly ignored since it made the festival rounds. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m curious. What about you?

Box Office: $100,616

TV Releases

Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season
The Good Wife: The Fourth Season
Mike & Molly: The Compete Third Season
NCIS: Los Angeles – The Fourth Season
NCIS: The Tenth Season
Parenthood (2010): Season 4
Revenge: The Complete Second Season



19AMOUR-articleLargeI suppose I’m one of the very few who wasn’t moved to tears by this love story, but it just felt rather clinical to me back when I saw it at last year’s New York Film Festival. Now, Michael Haneke has probably delivered the most emotional story he’s capable of, and it’s certainly a recommendation worthy film, but I just wasn’t over the moon for it. Emmanuelle Riva was as good as advertised, but everything else was just a level down in my eyes. I think if you missed it last year, it’s worth giving a shot to, but keep in mind that it might not get to you like it did to others. Or, maybe I’m even more in the minority than I thought in terms of this award winner. Only one way to find out for sure…

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: $6,739,492
Major Award: Won Best Foreign Language Feature at the Academy Awards…

What will you be watching this week? Discuss in the comments!