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Joey’s DVD Picks of the Week (09/03/2013)

stories_we_tell_ver5This week, one of the more well liked Oscar hopefuls of 2013 easily headlines the titles coming to Blu-Ray and DVD, but it’s thankfully not alone today in terms of quality offerings. There’s another film worth mentioning among this slate, along with a few others that are mixed bags, but hardly worth completely dismissing. This isn’t exactly a top notch slate of releases folks, but it’s a step back in the right direction for the column and should begin an upward spike in quality. Considering what many of the past weeks have been like as the summer drew to a close, this is a trend I’m all for and hope like hell continues indefinitely, even though I know that’s pretty unlikely. Now that we’re entering the fall, things should at least be a bit more consistent. There were two movies contending for that top honor here, but only one flick could emerge victorious and it really wasn’t a fair fight. For my PICK OF THE WEEK I opted to go with the film that is on my current Top Ten list for this year, as you might expect that I would. You’ll see which movie I’m speaking of at the end of the column as per the usual here, but right now it’s time for us to dive headfirst into another Vintage selection. Here we go folks!


Vintage Viewing

your-sisters-sisterIn honor of this week’s release of Touchy Feely (which I saw at Sundance but didn’t particular love as you can see here, though it’s far from bad…I’ll actually be bringing an interview with Josh Pais from the film to you all this week as well, so stay tuned there), my choice is the prior movie from filmmaker Lynn Shelton. It’s Your Sister’s Sister, an incredibly appealing romantic dramedy with a trio of fine performances from Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt (who’s in Touchy Feely), and Mark Duplass. Some might prefer Humpday, but as good as that flick is, this film is better…at least to me. I stand by my review of it here, and I fully endorse giving it a look this week!

Recommended Movie(s)

I only have one title this week that gets this honor from me, so it’s pretty clearly the runner up for today. There’s no use stalling or anything like that, so without any further delay, here it is:

lords_of_salemThe Lords of Salem

I wouldn’t say that Rob Zombie has ever made a completely successful film to date, but this latest horror flick might be his best one to date, give or take The Devil’s Rejects. It isn’t the scariest film in the world, but it does have a ton of atmosphere and a decently original concept. I actually enjoy Zombie’s Halloween remake more than most and think he’s an underrated writer and director, so this is a very interesting step forward for him. Don’t expect anything tremendous, but this one is worth taking a look at for sure…

Special Features: Audio commentary
Total Box Office: $1,165,882
Major Awards: None yet, but don’t hold your breath…

Other Films Being Released

Cockneys vs Zombies

This odd little B movie isn’t bad at all, but it never quite overcomes its high concept to become something totally worth recommending. You actually could do a lot worse than this though, so if yo’re compelled to pick it up, you might not regret it…

Box Office: N/A

Empire State

Once upon a time Dito Montiel was a promising new filmmaker, but now his movies are apparently going straight to DVD. This one stars The Rock too, so I’m very curious why it skipped theaters. Are you curious enough to check it out too?

Box Office: N/A

The English Teacher

We all remember how Clayton used to always predict Julianne Moore for an Oscar win for this film pretty much every time we started an awards season. Well, now that we’ve seen the movie…yeah, no. It’s not terrible, but a contender, it is not.

Box Office: $60,166

From Up on Poppy Hill

I missed this animated flick, but apparently it’s a pretty solid movie overall. Obviously I can’t say firsthand, but if you’re into animation, this is one to definitely consider, even without my recommendation.

Box Office: $1,002,895

iceman_ver2The Iceman

This is another movie I really regret missing. Michael Shannon is apparently great in the film, so I plan on picking it up soon. Perhaps you’ll even join me on this one? Shannon is a long shot Best Actor contender, but he’s perhaps not the longest shot out there…

Box Office: $1,969,193

Now You See Me

I can’t fully explain how this decent but flawed flick became a blockbuster, but I’m not exactly enraged that it did. You can read my very mixed review here, and I’m sure you already know if you want to pick this one up or not…

Box Office: $117,078,000 (and counting)


Sigh…this made for TV bit of B movie trash probably belongs in the TV section, but since it caught on in pop culture somehow recently, I figured I’d cite it here. Do with it what you will.

Box Office: N/A

TV Releases

Criminal Minds: Season 8
Haven: The Complete Third Season
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Complete Season 8
The League: The Complete Season Four
The Office: Season 9
Parks & Recreation: Season Five
Person of Interest: The Complete Second Season
Revolution: The Complete First Season
Scandal: The Complete Second Season
The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fourth Season


stories we tell shotStories We Tell

Easily the best documentary I’ve seen so far this year, Sarah Polley’s story of her family and the nature of storytelling is amazingly compelling. I loved it upon first viewing and can’t wait to revisit it. Not only should it walk away with the Best Documentary Oscar this year (assuming it’s eligible, of course), it’s perhaps the first doc in a while that could get a real push for Best Picture. I don’t see it getting in, but I’d love to see it try. This one is on my Top Ten of 2013 so far list and likely won’t be going off of it anytime soon!

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: $1,584,890 (and counting)
Major Award: None yet, but it’s very much in play for Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars…

What will you be watching this week? Discuss in the comments!