Talking ‘A Single Shot’ and Sam Rockwell with David Rosenthal

David_M_Rosenthal_on_location_in_New_York_CityA month or so ago, I was invited to sit down with the filmmaker behind A Single Shot, David M. Rosenthal. The man was kind enough to also offer part of his lunch to me, so we conducted this interview over a delicious side of french fries. When we actually got down to talking, we spoke of his new movie (which is pretty solid and opens this weekend in limited release), but we also managed to talk a lot about his star Sam Rockwell…including an interesting project they have lined up next that might be able to score Rockwell some awards attention. Listen in to the interview below and be sure to check out A Single Shot, as it will be out as you’re listening to this. Enjoy!

Here you go:

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