The Big Bang Theory Recap: 7.03 “The Scavenger Vortex”


The Big Bang Theory aired one of its most enjoyable episodes yet this week. Raj set up a scavenger hunt for the whole gang. For the 3 pairs, the ultimate goal of the hunt was to find a coin hidden somewhere in Pasadena. So, they picked names and were off:

Penny and Sheldon started out slow, but they caught up eventually and ended up in the lead for quite some time. Something to remember: Penny was the quickest one while Sheldon would not shut up, surprisingly.

Leonard and Bernadette’s game plan was a little more scattered than their competitors. Bernadette was the competitive one while Leonard really didn’t care, still feeling guilty about deciding to pick names instead of pairing up by couples, thinking that Penny would be too slow. However, with a little encouragement from Bernadette, he slowly starts to build a competitive drive.

Amy and Howard were probably the most laid back out of the three pairs. Alone together for the first time, they found that they have a mutual love for Neil Diamond. Carelessly driving through the city singing along to his music, they didn’t even finish the hunt, instead going to a karaoke bar to sing Neil Diamond.

So, who won???

No one. Coming back to Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, it turns out that the coins were in their pockets the whole time. Raj only wanted to make this a friendly game, with no winner. If a pair did win though, my guess would have been Penny and Sheldon since they were the quickest and Penny got to the apartment, the last destination, first.

What did you all think of the episode?